The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) facilitates the empowerment of impoverished families and communities through:

  1. Community Development Assistance Project Component of ARMM Social Fun
  2. Pantawid Pampamilyang Pilipino Program or 4Ps
  3. Rebuilding lives of IDPs through the Early Recovery and Rehabilitation Plan.
  4. Social Protection of the vulnerable through the provision of different community based program services and projects such as:
                        • Food for School Program
                        • Healthy Start Feeding Program
                        • United Nation Population Fund-GAD Related Projects

5. Partnership & strengthened alliances, coordination with different stakeholders, INGOs, LNGOs & some private sectors.


  • Flagship program of the national government on poverty reduction and social development.
  • Provides conditional cash grants to extremely poor households to improve health, nutrition and education particularly children ages 0-14.
  • Invests on human capital to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty among poor households.



Designation Regional Office Mainland Island Total
TOTAL 44 42 35 121
RFP 1 1 2
SWO III 1 1 2
CMT 1 1 2
Regional ITO 1 1
Training Specialist II 1 1
Information Officer 1 1
PDO II 4 3 3 10
Financial Analyst II 1 1
Financial Analyst I 1 1
Senior Bookkeepers 1 1
Cash Clerk 1 1
Roving Bookkeepers 30 30
Administrative Assistant 2 1 3
Driver 1 1
Municipal Links 41 31 72
          • 44 personnel employed for the RPMO
          • 72 Municipal Links
            • 41 Mainland Province
            • 31 Island Province
          • 30 Municipal Roving Bookkeeper













Coverage, Number Beneficiaries (as of December 31, 2010)

Province Total # of Municipalities No. of Households Set  3 Total Set 3D Set 4 Total
Set  1 Set  2
Maguindanao 25 3,000 3,824 21,444 28,268 8,079 69,500 105,847
Lanao del Sur 16 2,894 4,008 6,502 13,404 16,450 50,618 80,472
Sulu 19 2,995 10,920 9,029 22,944 18,401 56,710 98,055
Basilan 3 1,159 1,159 10,709 11,868
Tawi-Tawi 9 2,161 7,836 9,997 5,543 15,540
Total 72 11,050 18,752 45,970 75.772 42,930 192,080 311,782
• With the advent of Set 3, ARMM is one of the top 5 regions in terms of number of beneficiaries, totalling to 72 municipalities covering all the provinces in the region.


Summary of Cash Grants Distributed (as of December 31, 2010) 

PROVINCE Total Beneficiaries Paid Beneficiaries Total Amount Paid
MAGUINDANAO                 6,824                 6,824          39,503,500
LANAO DEL SUR                 6,894                 6,894          49,199,300
SULU              15,584                 2,995          12,136,700
TAWI-TAWI                 2,161                 2,161            8,540,100
TOTAL              31,463              18,874        109,379,600


Social Preparation

  • Conducted Community Assemblies for 118,076 registered beneficiaries.
  • Conducted program orientation to 504 partners LGUs (Municipal/Barangay Officials) and line agencies (DepEd, DILG, DOH).

Capability Building

  • Oriented and trained  72 municipal links
  • Oriented and trained 719 parent leaders

On Advocacy

  • First Media Tour in Lanao del Sur for 2010
  • Launching of the radio program “Usapang 4Ps” at Radio Stations NDBC DXMS and RMN DXMY (1 hour every Saturday)
  • Jingle Making Contest last October 2010 at RESWAD
  • Awarding of the winner of the Jingle-Making Contest
  • Kayang-Kaya ng Pinoy” entry winner and the official jingle of the ARMM 4Ps
  • Publication of 4Ps Newsletter entitled “Layag” published semi-annually.
  • Production of Grievance Redress System and Updates Tarpaulins.
  • Weekly appearance of Acting Secretary Kader, and other Technical RPMO staff at the Radio Program “Action ARMM” for 4Ps concerns.
  • Publication of 4Ps feature stories and press releases at local newspapers and broadcast releases.



  • Additional hiring of Social Workers for expansion under Set 3D and Set 4A
  • Additional target beneficiaries that have passed the Proxy Means Test (PMT)
  • Additional creation of positions (DSWD National)


  • 1,184 resolved grievance redress transactions.
  • Updating of beneficiaries.


ARMM Acting Regional Governor Ansaruddin Alonto Adiong (left)  shakes hands with DSWD National USEC. Celia Yangco (right) during the MOA signing of 4Ps Set 3 areas in ARMM. Also shown in photo is DSWD-ARMM Asec Hadja Pombaen Karon-Kader (partly hidden)




  • Funded by UNICEF start of implementation this December 23, 2011.
  • Case Management work to reach the most vulnerable children, unaccompanied and separated in conflict affected areas.
  • Target areas :
1.Maguindanao Province
Buluan 4 FTR Workers
Shariff Aguak
Datu Piang
2.Lanao Sur A
Balindong 2 FTR Workers
Including Marawi City Masiu
3.Lanao Sur B
Malabang 2 FTR Workers
Bongao 1 FTR Worker
Jolo 2 FTR Workers
Maluso 1 FTR Worker
Two (2) Regional Focal
Persons    1 for Mainland 2 FTR Workers
   1 for Island
TOTAL 14 FTR Workers


  • 14 Social Workers were employed
    • 12 Social Workers as FTR Field Implementors
    • 2 Social Workers as Regional Focal Persons for Island and Mainland Province
  • Conducted Orientation for Social Workers on FTR Implementation last December 20-22, 2010 at Estosan Garden Hotel, Cotabato City with Ms. Solveigh Bjorks Sveinbjornsdottir, Ms. Jane Mcphil and Mr. Jess Far, all UNICEF Children Protection Specialist.



  • 200 days of Supplemental Feeding to Day Care Children consisting of provision of hot meals and low cost indigenous and nutritious food.
  • Conducted ARMM wide in 859 Day Care Centers.
  • 27,990 Day Care Children Beneficiaries.
  • P60,513,876.00 amount utilized (funds coursed thru Region XII and Region IX.
  • Program Review conducted for Mainland Provinces last December 7-10, 2010 at Fiesta Cotabato attended by Focal Persons, MSWOs and Municipal Unit Incharges and DSWD XII Focal Persons.
  • Update: 
    • For 2011, Supplemental Feeding will be availed by 74,481 Day Care Children’s in the different 119 municipalities ARMM wide.



  • 2010 Gender Direction: Strengthening Government. Mechanisms in Mainstreaming Gender in the Reproductive Health, Population and Anti-VAW Programs Current Undertaking in Addressing VAWC.
    • Conducted coaching and mentoring to direct service workers on the use of the Manual on Gender Responsive Case Management.
    • Provided technical assistance to LGUs on the application of standards/protocols for VAW cases
    • Regular meetings with Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Trafficking Against Women and their Children at the regional and local levels
    • Trained Social Workers to enhance their knowledge, skills and values towards strengthening their commitment to survivors’ healing and empowerment
    • Intensified advocacy with other partners in case documentation and the use of appropriate tools for Social Case study Writing during regular case conferencing
    • Disseminated copies of the genderized khutba (sermon) to Muslims religious leaders to be used in the Friday sermons
    • Crafted the ARMM Regional GAD Code in coordination with the Regional Sub-Committee on Gender and Development and in consultation with provincial concerned sectors
    • Continue to promote women’s rights through community needs assessment


UNFPA-GAD Target Areas:

Maguindanao Shariff Aguak
Lanao del Sur A Marantao
Lanao del Sur B Kapatagan
Sulu Jolo
Tawi-Tawi Bongao
Panglima Sugala


  • Provision of 1 kilo of rice per poor Day Care Children Parent to improved nutritional status and increase attend of 3-4 years old day care children.
  • Food for School Program Review and Evaluation Workshop conducted by batches from December 1-15, 2010 for the Provinces of Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao Province.
  • Total amount expended is P2,048,364.75 including Travelling Expenses of MSWOs in the implementation.
  • 1,014 Day Care Workers attended the PREW.
  • Strength, weaknesses, issues and concerns in the implementation period were tackled.
  • DCWs clamored for full support from their LGU particularly increase of salary subsidies.
  • Update:
    • Provincial Government of Maguindanao had incorporated in their Executive Legislative Agenda and Development Plan the provision of salary subsidy of all DCWs of Maguindanao Province starting 2011 as reported by PSWO of Maguindanao through the information report of Assistant Project Development Officer of Maguindanao.
    • For 2011, DSWD could foresee the increase in the number of Day Care Centers as more LGUs are now becoming aware of the different programs for the children.


  • Completed PC 7 with 107 CBIs completed and turned over out of 108 target CBIs. 1 CBIs terminated.
  • PC 8 end last December 2010
  • Covered 985 barangays out of ARMM’s 2,486 barangays in 118 municipalities (1,501 bgys still unserved)
  • 1,769  CBI subprojects completed ( IBRD funded)
  • 487 CBI subprojects completed (JICA funded)
  • 272 LLFS subprojects completed (96%)
  • World Bank gave satisfactory rating to DSWD-ARMM from Program Contracts 1-7
  • ASFP Additional Financing signed last November 2010 (World Bank ARMM Self Financing)
  • Update:
    • Currently undertaking screening of applicants of Municipal Facilitators for the additional World Bank financing of $30,000,000.00 and JICA at the PMO.
    • Additional target of 2 barangay per municipality.
    • Manual of Operation will be jointly discuss by PMO and DSWD.
    • Capability Building will follow after selection of applicants


STATUS OF IDPS (as of November 2, 2010)
Status No. Of Families Persons
Returned 21,259 101,402
Resettled 1,014 4,646
Reintegrated 2,397 9,484
Current IDPs in E.Cs 1,485 6,604
Total. . . . 26,155 122,136


Convergence of Responses thru Cluster Approach

  • žFood and Non-Food Items Cluster
    • WFP provided food packages or pabaon to returning IDPs and provided 16,000 empty sacks for rope-making of 312 wives of IDPs (19 groups).
    • Food-for-Work and Food-for-Training in partnership with DAF-ARMM and National Irrigation Administration.
    • Act for Peace provided 1,500 assorted non-food items.
    • USAID provided 190 packages of non-food items.
  • žCamp Coordination and Camp Management Cluster
    • International Organization for Migration (Co-Chair) designed management information system in tracking down the IDPs.
    • UNHCR to establish and install mechanism for the protection and security of IDPs.
    • Extended 92 units of Floating Power Tillers Machine (Bao-Bao)
      • 5,514 IDP families of Maguindnao benefitted composed of 46 organizations of IDP Farmers Association.
    • Distributed 184 sacks of Palay Seeds to 184 IDP families of Maguindanao Province.
  • Permanent Shelter Cluster
    • DSWD-National funded 219 units permanent shelter. Funds for 100 units was already released to LGUs of Barangay Captain, Datu Salibo Municipality.
    • Act for Peace also funded 150 units at the return site in Barangay Dapiawan, Datu Saudi Ampatuan Municipality.
    • 150 units are already completed.
    • 119 units are still on-going construction
  • žOther Interventions:
    • Distributed 1,500 assorted relief goods to Maguindanao IDPs.
    • Distributed medical kits to IDPs of Datu Salibo, Maguindanao Province and Kapatagan Municipality of Lanao del Sur B in coordination with Department of Health-ARMM.  Said medical kits was given by DSWD National which is donated by Thailand Government.



  • 2,063 barangays out of 2,486 ARMM barangays had been reached out and assisted by our direct field implementers.
  • Families served totaled 265,014.
  • Of the family members the following had been reached out, served and assisted:
    • 52,969 children ages 0-12 years old
    • 9,631 Family Heads and Other Needy Adults (FHONA)
    • 11,909 youths ages 13-24 years old
    • 31,374 women ages 18-59 years old
    • 11,700 older persons or senior citizens.
  • 6.676 male and female Persons or Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)
  • 27,570 IDP families or 128,027 individuals that are victims of disaster.


Services Rendered: 
  1. Under the Family Welfare, 6,417 parents/couples have undergone different sessions on enhanced parent effectiveness service. Other services rendered are pre-marriage counseling and marriage enrichment counseling for 656 couples and would-be-couple.
    1. 14,011 couples were able to appreciate the importance of meeting the demands of responsible parenthood thru counseling services.
  2. Collective awareness in identifying their problem and needs was enhanced thru Social Preparation and Participation of 36,668 community residents.
    • 26,838 community residents were involved in the promotion of collective action in responding to their common needs and problems.
    • 2,268 Different Community Welfare Structure organized with 38,126 members.  These are the People’s Organization, Day Care Parents Committee, Community Resource Volunteer Group, Youth Organization, Provincial/Municipal/Barangay Council for the Protection of Children, Federation of Day Care Parents Committee, Disaster Coordination Council at the Provincial and Municipal Level.  Day Care Workers Association and Federation of Day Care Workers among others.
  3. Under the Children Welfare, a total of 47,620 Day Care Children were served for the year.  They availed also of the Healthy Start Feeding Program (HSFP) and Food for School Program (FFSP) and with coordination with Department of Health (DOH) deworming/weighing and provision of doses of Vitamin A and non-supplement was given to these children.
    • Referral for medication and hospitalization was also availed by 37,120 children region wide.
  4. 12 minors were assisted for travel abroad and referred to DSWD FO XII for issuance of blue card.
  5. 8 minors were assisted and provided intervention for processing of documents, court appearances as they were locally adopted.
  6. Youth Welfare Services was availed by 281 youths thru the Peer Groups Service where their knowledge and skills was enhanced thru Leadership Training conducted at the Province of Lanao del Sur A & B and Sulu and Orientation on Violence Against Women and their Children (VAWC).
    • 2,315 Out of School Youth was referred to TESDA for a Vocational Skills Training like Basic Computer Learning, Wielding, Tailoring, Food Preparation and Preservation and Dressmaking.
  7. 45 youth groups were organized including out-of-school youths with 110 members and actively participating in difficult activities.
  8. Pag-Asa Youth Association regionwide has a total of 1,354 groups or association with 9,797 members.
  9. 1,376 youths were referred to TESDA for vocational skills training while 8youths were able to land a job after developing skills being a service crew at a restaurant.
  10. 14,040 women availed the different services under the Women Welfare Program.  These involved the seven (7) modular package session, psychological intervention and referral for support services and participation of Women Badak LLFS in the celebration of Women’s Month every month of March.
  11. 227 women’s group were organized regionwide with 5,422 members and are actively involved in different community affairs particularly involving women activities.  Empowerment is positively gained by these women.
  12. 1,119 persons with disability undergone group session on how to prevent and recognize disability and able to increase awareness on disabling conditions.
  13. Twelve (12) PWDs from Maguindanao and Sulu were referred for provision of wheelchair as Assistive Devices.
  14. 2,030 PWDs were able to acquire basic communication skills  and increase insight of themselves thru socialization and membership in organizing and actively participating in community activities.
  15. Services provided to 7,713 Senior Citizens thru self and social enhancement and increase understanding of themselves and are actively participating in community activities.
  16. 1,668 Senior Citizens were referred for medical assistance to hospitals, medical leaders and rural health units.
  17. One (1) Senior Citizen from Tawi-Tawi was  referred to a Haven for Senior Citizen.
  18. Senior Citizens ID was provided to 4,064 elderlies to avail of the 20% discount on transportation, medicines, restaurants and others as their privileged.
  19. 726 clients availed financial assistance for hospitalization, purchase of medicine, transportation of stranded individual in going back home under the crisis intervention unit of the regional office and Aid-to-Individual in Crisis Situation (AICS) service at the provincial offices.
  20. Emergency Relief Assistance were provided to 27,570families or  128,027 persons.  Assistance were extended by the Office of the Regional Governor, Act for Peace, Local Government Units and DSWD National thru DSWD FO XII.
  21. A total of 455 shelter assistance have been constructed for the disaster victims whose houses were totally damaged.
  22. Cash and Food for Work was provided to 3,191 Needy Adult and Family Head in exchange for the community activities being undertaken.
  23. 17,584 children availed of the provisions of hot meal thru supplemental program region wide.

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